VIDEO NEWS: Laura Jane Grace Releases ‘Dysphoria Hoodie’ Music Video

Photo Credit: Travis Shinn

Laura Jane Grace has released the video for her new single Dysphoria Hoodie.

This is a song about gender dysphoria and your favourite hooded sweatshirt,” Grace explains. “Any trans person out there knows what a dysphoria hoodie is — it’s the hoodie you wear when feeling low and dysphoric and you don’t want the world reading your gender. Hide your body shape, hide your head, disappear as much as you can. Wrap yourself up in it like a blanket anywhere you go. Make your flesh become cotton. Instant protection from the outside world. My dysphoria hoodie happens to be an Adidas hoodie, so yes, this is in fact really just a tribute song to my favourite Adidas hoodie.”

Like what you hear? Dysphoria Hoodie is available to stream HERE.

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