MUSIC NEWS: Holy Wars Announce New EP ‘CULT CLASSIC’

Holy Wars have announced their new EP CULT CLASSIC, due for release on 10th November 2023 via Pale Chord Records.

 “Making this EP was a fun and intrusive experience,” says vocalist Kat Leon. “I wanted to pose the question of what if the horror aka “the monster” was actually inside us? In most thrillers, the monster is an external enemy but in this body of music I really wanted to lean into the internal enemy but also acknowledge how this internal enemy is influenced by our external world and what we are made to feel about ourselves and about others. Cult classic is the climax track revealing the true enemy – the unattainable ideology of what it takes to thrive in a society that is holding each individual under its thumb. I hope this EP and every song displaying the internal struggle of the self, empowers the listener and allows them to have the freedom to unplug and let go of the ever-powerful ego.”

CULT CLASSIC is available to pre-order HERE.

Check out the video for the band’s latest single BODY//TEMPLE. 

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