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ZAND – real name Zander Sweeney (pronouns they/them) – is making waves with their self-branded version of ‘ugly pop’, and their latest EP SEWERSTAR is a continuation of their unique and refreshing sound. SEWERSTAR is the second EP from ZAND, following on from their 2020 EP Ugly Pop.

DESCENT (Intro) takes us on a journey down to the sewers. The song opens up with haunting whistles and the sound of underground trains as we enter the unknown.

Deliverance is described by ZAND as a song that “sees the narrator caught in a maniacal spiral into depravity, hellbent on retribution.” The retribution part is explained further within the song’s chorus, “You wanna put me on your camera/drink me like a fish/well be my guest/I’ll gladly have ya/It’s my deliverance.”

Religion was produced alongside London-based producer Benjamin Dunkerley, also known as Shurk. The lyrics explore an infatuation with an angel, the narrative exploring a nun’s sins and unclean thoughts being amplified by a mischievous, otherworldly being in their heads. It should be clear by this point that most of ZAND’s songs are not for the easily offended.

Battery Acid is the song on the EP that ZAND’s voice shines through beautifully with self expression, and a backdrop of almost hypnotic Gregorian chanting. It delves into the personal experiences of an abusive relationship where their queer identity was invalidated. ZAND writes from the heart about personal experiences and certainly does not hold back.

I Spit On Your Grave was released as a single in December 2021 and explores the rage-fuelled sound of ZAND’s earlier Ugly Pop days, delving into a murder fantasy about multiple abusive men. This shines through in the lyrics: “These boys don’t know how to act/that’s why I got a baseball bat/I fantasise about their brains/exploding on my welcome mat.”

DTF (Down To Fuck) features distorted lyrics that are quite hard to decipher, while closing track L.E.E.C.H.E.S. is not far away from what you would hear in a nightclub, with a bass-heavy backdrop.

So what’s next for ZAND? They’re currently in the USA for a debut headline tour, before returning to the UK for a run of dates in October. Trust us, you do not want to miss this.


Standout Tracks: Religion, Battery Acid, I Spit On Your Grave

For Fans Of: DeathbyRomy, tiLLie, Siiickbrain,

Written by: Alan Brown

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