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ALBUM REVIEW: Starbenders – Take Back The Night

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Starbenders are vocalist Kimi Shelter, bassist Aaron Lecesne, guitarist Kriss Tokaji and drummer Emily Moon, a mix of musicians from different genres coming together in Atlanta, Georgia to create something special. Blending elements of 70s glam rock, some added 80s rock and a little punk on the side, it’s difficult to say what genre Starbenders‘ music belongs to, but their recently released third album Take Back The Night is a delight from start to finish with an impressive thirteen songs.

The first track on the album, The Game, is not unlike a Fleetwood Mac song from back in the day, with Shelter’s voice dominating the song. Lyrically this song is outstanding, with lyrics such as “Ain’t no use in burning witches/when we die we are twice as vicious”. Tokaji’s thrashing guitar solo in the middle of the song is a standout and The Game will be a fan-favourite on the band’s upcoming tour. Previous single Sex is another big hitting song on the album.

Cherry Wine was the last single released ahead of the album and is perfectly described by the band when they say: “Imagine you’re on a midnight drive, wind in your hair. This is the soundtrack to the trip”. This track has an excellent synth intro to coincide with the haunting voice of Shelter and the lyrics “Can’t believe I drank your cherry wine/for the very last time”.  Another standout on Take Back The Night.

Seven White Horses is another song with a nod to the Stevie Nicks school of hypnotic voices, with Shelter once again bringing forth her amazing talent and a powerful opening to the song with the lyrics “Love like heroin burns like hell/I’ve got a thing for angels who fell.” The final four tracks on the album are previously unreleased. There is even space for a cover version of Alice Cooper’s classic Poison. Final track Say You Will, which is also the longest on the record, builds slowly to a rock and roll crescendo alongside a catchy keyboard melody.

Overall, Take Back The Night excels in every way possible and has the potential to win over many more new fans. You can witness the new material in action on Starbenders‘ UK/European tour, set to take place next month.


Standout Tracks: The Game, Cherry Wine, Seven White Horses

For Fans Of: Fleetwood Mac, Lilith Czar, Palaye Royale

Written by: Alan Brown

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