MUSIC NEWS: Lil Lotus Announces Sophomore Album & Releases New Single ‘Nosebleeder’


Photo Credit: Rowan Daly

Lil Lotus has announced his sophomore album Nosebleeder, due for release on 1st December 2023 via Epitaph Records.

In light of the announcement, Lotus has also released his new single and album title track nosebleeder. 

“Nosebleeder symbolises just being drained when it comes to life and everything that comes with it,” he explains. “Sometimes it can be the people that you’re surrounded by, sometimes it can just be completely internal; you could be completely alone and still have this draining experience with life. I feel like, in my experience, it’s had a lot to do with me not necessarily being very good to myself or putting myself in good situations. Now that I’m getting older, I’m slowly starting to figure out how to fix this.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase nosebleeder HERE.

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