MUSIC NEWS: GHØSTKID Releases Video For New Single ‘Heavy Rain’

Photo Credit: Benjamin Klose (BK Productions @bkproductions1)

GHØSTKID has released the video for new single Heavy Rain.

”’Heavy Rain’ was written during a time when I felt utterly miserable…Even if the story of the song is written from the perspective of two lovers who are in a relationship it represents so much more. It is based on experiences that I have made over the past years and sadly I believe a lot of people can relate to them,” GHØSTKID explains.

“It is hard to find good people who really respect and love you the way you are. You should always be aware of people that abuse you just to make them feel superior. At some point you learn to deal with the pain, slowly it becomes a part of you – until the person you used to be no longer exists. Heavy Rain’ describes the feeling of losing yourself under abuse and manipulation by a loved one. It is for everybody out there who had to to go through similar feelings. Try to stay strong and break the cycle. Search for help and do not let yourself down.
You are a good and valuable person and no one can take this away from you. You are not alone! This song is for you.“

The video for the track can be seen below, please be advised the video touches upon the topic of domestic violence which some viewers may find triggering.

Like what you hear? Heavy Rain is out now.

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