MUSIC NEWS: Boys Like Girls Release New Single ‘New Love’

Boys Like Girls have released their new single New Love, taken from their forthcoming album Sunday At Foxwoods.

Speaking about the story behind the track vocalist Martin Johnson says, “In early 2019, I was living in Los Feliz, California, renting out a studio in Burbank from the guys in Chromeo. My room was across from Vaughn Oliver, who was busy creating the Power Tools 1 Sample Pack, and backed up right on Ryland Blackinton’s room. We knew each other well from days of touring together as early as 2006, supporting Cartel in different bands, and more recently, on the OP tour in 2009 with Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls. We finally did some work together touring and writing under my moniker ‘The Night Game.‘”

He continues, “Ryland seems to always have an eerie pulse on my musical taste. It’s one of those relationships where you musically finish each other sentences. I remember one day, Brandon Paddock and I were in the studio working on a record when I heard a beat coming through the wall from Ryland’s room. It almost sounded like a Garth Brooks country shuffle from where I sat. I realized I was paying more attention to what I was hearing through the wall than what we were listening to out of the speakers. I stood up and stormed in there, Kramer-style, to see what he was cooking up. ‘You like that?,'” he asked.”

He finishes, “I didn’t answer but instead started singing the chorus vocal pop outs in a melody reminiscent of a Dire Straits riff. We recorded them in and started scatting the in-between lyrics. The first verse came about five minutes later. What Ryland didn’t know is that I was two or three weeks deep into the relationship with my now-wife and had plenty to talk about. It had been a really really long time since I had written a love song, maybe five years or so, and frankly, almost every song written for The Night Game had an undertone of darkness, desperation and resentment towards the music industry. I knew i was about to chase her across the country to Nashville and these would be my final days in L.A. and likely the last song I would write on the West Coast for some time. A couple years later at Blackbird Studio in Nashville with the boys, Brandon Paddock, and Dannen Rector, we started to assemble the big crashes and arrangement that you hear today. An alternate production with the original demo drums and keys will be available exclusively on the Target version of the album, available October 20. We’re BOYS LIKE GIRLS and this is ‘NEW LOVE.'”

Sunday At Foxwoods is set for release on 20th October via Fearless Records and is available to pre-order HERE.

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