MUSIC NEWS: BLOOM Sign To Pure Noise Records & Share ‘Bound To Your Whispers’ Music Video

Photo Credit: Jack Fontes

Melodic-metalcore outfit BLOOM have signed to Pure Noise Records and released the video for their new single Bound To Your Whispers.

“Bound to Your Whispers is an exploration of internal disparity and the disconnect between internal doubts, and the manipulation of one’s self,” explain the band. Speaking about the track which was writing as a dialogue between two internal voices, they add “This internal dialogue convinces the protagonist that there is no way he can exist without the anxiety that has followed him throughout the years, and he gives in, allowing himself to be consumed. ‘Bound to your whispers, under your spell. I have nothing left in me’.”

Like what you hear? Bound To Your Whispers is available to stream HERE.

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