MUSIC NEWS: Creak Release New Single ‘Hare In The Woods’

Photo Credit: Joe Guppy

Creak have released their new single Hare in the Woods, the third single from their upcoming debut album Depth Perception.

“This was the first song we wrote for the album cycle, and it was the excitement from hearing it come together that led to us deciding to do a bigger album project,” says vocalist Jack Dunn.

“For us as a band this feels like the closest we’ve got to the sound we have in our heads when we think of the name Creak. If there’s one song on the album we want people to think of us as then it would be this one. Lyrically when putting this song together I’d felt like I was stuck in a hole and I’d gotten so used to feeling like that it had become my normal at the time. Looking back this song was a way for me to put things into perspective and break the filter that I’d started to see life through.”

“We wanted to take some of the heavier, and chaotic elements of our influences and see how far we could take our sound with them in mind,” adds guitarist Patrick Morton.

Depth Perception is due for release on 18th August 2023 via Prosthetic Records, available to pre-order HERE.

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