MUSIC NEWS: Boys Like Girls Announce Album Details & Release Video For New Single ‘CRY’

Boys Like Girls have announced their new album Sunday At Foxwoods, due for release on 20th October 2023 via Fearless/Concord Records. The new record marks their first full-length in 11 years.

In light of the announcement, the band have released a video for their new single CRY. 

“I’m not really a campfire style singer, but on my third or fourth date with my now wife she asked me to play her a song. I don’t know why, but I picked up the guitar and started playing CRY in front of someone for the first time,” lead vocalist Martin Johnson reflects. “A crazy thing happened…I felt the song in the way I had always wanted to. I meant the words I was singing…and I meant them for her. To me, every song is a living, breathing thing. Some are born before their time. Some are just supposed to make you feel good, some have great purpose. Sometimes when you write, you’re telling a real story, but sometimes it’s a made up one. Sometimes the words just sound good and you figure it out later. This one took years to reveal itself.

“My hope is that CRY finds its purpose and meaning to the listener a bit quicker than it took for me. More importantly, my hope is that it finds the ears of those who need it. A couple weeks ago Beef and I were sitting in my truck outside the studio, critically listening to mixes of our first album together in a dozen years. At the end of “CRY,” I looked to the passenger seat and the toughest man I know had tears running down his face and into his beard. We hugged and cried together in the car, two old friends still making music together, still pushing each other to be better musicians and men 20 years after we met in 2003. Even if this one is just for us, I know in my heart that it was worth waiting until the time was right. And after 10 years of waiting, I’m finally ready to sing it, and we’re finally ready to share it with you. the time is right.”

Sunday At Foxwoods is available to pre-order HERE.

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