MUSIC NEWS: Best Ex Announce Debut Album Details & releases new single ‘I Promise To Ruin Your Life’

Photo Credit: Mariel Loveland

Best Ex have announced their debut album With A Smile is set for release on 6th October 2023 via Iodine Recordings/Alcopop! Records.

“I feel way more excited than nervous. To be totally honest, this is the only thing I have ever wanted, So many times, when I feel like I’m flailing around with no direction, the universe seems to give me exactly what I need. In this case, the month I was getting ready to think about recording a new single, Iodine Records randomly reached out to me and asked if I wanted to make an album,” explains Mariel Loveland. “I honestly had been feeling like I may never get the opportunity to make a full length on my own—especially with how much the industry has changed since I made music with Candy Hearts. Of course, I said ‘ABSOLUTELY YES.’ It feels like the world is giving me a second chance, and I hope fans will too.”

Alongside the album announcement, new single I Promise To Ruin Your Life has been released. “I write so many songs about heartbreak, but this time around, I just wanted to write something about that light, hopeful feeling of meeting a stranger you just absolutely adore,” adds Loveland. “I also wanted this song to be a bit of a nod to my previous work with Candy Hearts. I referenced the song ‘All The Ways You Let Me Down’ in the lyric ‘I know how this ends / we won’t be speaking / I’ll add you to the list of things that let me down.’ I wanted to give a nod to all the places my career has taken me. I really value those years, and my album didn’t feel complete without reflecting on that.”

Like what you hear? With A Smile is available to pre-order on vinyl HERE.

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