VIDEO NEWS: Cherym & Tramp’s Sianna Lafferty Take On Derry FC In Video For New Single

Photo Credit: Liam Maxwell

Continuing their unstoppable rise at breakneck speed, Derry-based Northern Irish trio Cherym are delighted to announce their return with new single Taking Up Sports released 5th July 2023 via Alcopop! Records.

Vocalist and guitarist Hannah Richardson says on the new track:

“At its heart a love song about the stupid things we do to impress the ones we love. ‘Taking Up Sports’ is a love song about a time when I had a huge crush on the sporty girl who played football—even though I myself am not sporty or athletic in any way, shape, or form—and about hilariously attempting to join the football team just to get close to this person. It’s an ode to the self-proclaimed stragglers who used to get their friends to forge notes for them so they could get out of double P.E, but it’s also a little nod to the WLW community and a reminder of the ridiculous lengths we’ll go to sometimes for the person we think is worth it.”

Watch the video for Taking Up Sports below!

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