MUSIC NEWS: Moodring Release New EP Alongside ‘SHI=DEATH’

Alt-metallers Moodring have released their new EP YOUR LIGHT FADES AWAY, alongside their new single SHI=DEATH. 

We really wanted to push ourselves to experiment with vocals on these new songs,” shares vocalist Hunter Young, “And find a way to work our signature chorus hook in amongst new approaches to melody and aggression. The fact that it was written whilst Hurricane Ian raged literally outside the studio windows very likely contributed to the stormy, dramatic tones and emotions within the track.”

“Before falling ill (more HERE), I had a feeling something was wrong, but I was assuming a lot of what I was feeling and going through was due to over a decades worth of insomnia,” he adds. “SHI=DEATH sees co-collaborator iRis.EXE and I explore the lyrical topic of sleep debt. Every missed hour spent writhing in bed accumulating a high price to pay. Eventually everything catches up to you. We personified “sleep debt” as death with a woman’s anatomy to help paint the story.”

YOUR LIGHT FADES AWAY is out now via UNFD, available to stream or purchase HERE.

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