Straight from their raucous set at Wide Awake Festival, we caught up with Warmduscher‘s lead singer Clams Baker Jr to discuss their latest release, the band’s current tour, and what lies ahead for the rest of 2023.

How has the reception been to your latest single Love Strong been?

We released Love Strong to coincide with our trip to North America and SXSW, and just to give people coming to see us some new music to get excited about. It went far better than we imagined both there and at home here, with it debuting on the Radio 6 A-List and staying on for three weeks, being playlisted on John Kennedy’s Radio X show, and the people in North America singing a long and knowing the words. Something went right!

Your show at Wide Awake was absolutely packed with people queuing outside the tent to watch you guys play, how was your Wide Awake experience?

It was an incredible experience and our first time playing. The tent went off thankfully and none of us messed up too bad! We got to hang out with so many people we haven’t seen in years and really enjoy a festival in our back yard, which means we don’t have to leave right away and go somewhere else, so celebrating after is always much easier for everyone. Except me of course! It was programmed really well and the staff were super nice, so no bitching today!

How important is a festival like Wide Awake for post-punk bands such as yourself?

I don’t think genre matters really, it’s just an important festival to put on for the people of London, mainly the young people. You had all kinds of genres playing and from what I remember all stages were booming. It was great to see so many people out in London and losing it!

How has the live reception been to tracks off your latest LP, At The Hotspot?

Really good! We usually play Hot Shot, Wild Flowers, Twitchin In The Kitchen, Fatso, Double Vision, and 8 Minute Machines from the new album and they all go off. People know the tunes and singalong. It’s more than we expected to be honest so very much appreciated seeing how most people saw they have no idea what I’m saying.

How would you describe a Warmduscher gig to somebody who has never been?

Well I’d say it’s probably NSFW, but who wants a job? It’s most likely a lot of energy and non-stop with a band that is as good as any band out there and tighter than the backside of a bull. We give it 150% all the time. There might be some slips here and there or a lot of delay and noise, but there will never be boredom that’s for sure. Come and check us out.

What’s your plans for the rest of 2023?

Just finishing up our next album that will most likely be out early 2024. We’ve self-produced this time around and done some things that are gonna blow minds. It’s really exciting. We will be playing a lot around UK and Europe this summer, heading back to the States in October, and finishing the year with another UK tour. Gotta keep it moving!!!

Interview by: Joe Loughran 

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