MUSIC NEWS: Phem Releases New Single ‘I Love My Dog’

phem has released her new single i love my dog. 

The alt-pop artist comments on the new single: 

“i had a note in my phone for months ‘WRITE A SONG AB UR DOG’… i’m not even sure when i wrote it …. but with every session i’d pass it over until finally i got in a stale room. we tried a few ideas … deliberated over things for a few hours but nothing was doing it for me. it was getting later and later and i was getting more agitated that it might end up being a wasted day. frustrated as hell, i scrolled through my phone for a last attempt at a bit of inspiration…. there it was  “write a song ab ur dog”…. i said fuxk it, give me some simple chords – and within five mins i had the hook.

“i don’t know why nobody else has done this before… but it seemed like the perfect song to take around the world to places that haven’t gotten to know me yet. we all have a commonality we take for granted … we all love our fkn dogs…. and honestly it’s working…. dozens and dozens of ppl after the show flooding to me at the merch table telling me about their pets of all kinds, showing me their photos, tattoos…. how their pups have saved their lives… or how they just passed away,  how the song brought tears to their eyes …. i never could’ve imagined. in a creative climate where so many topics are taboo, heavy, or intimidating…. i decided to take my artistry elsewhere for a moment… something so ridiculously basic…. that im surprised i even went for it”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase i love my dog HERE

phem is currently on tour with Avril Lavigne – find out more and purchase tickets HERE

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