MUSIC NEWS: Oxymorrons Explore Alcohol As A Coping Mechanism On ‘Last Call’ Ft. Troi Irons

New York-based melanated punk band Oxymorrons continue their genre-bending revolution with their latest single, Last Call. The new track is a fervent hip-hop/rock tune exploring self-medicating with alcohol to quell your inner demons. Brothers and co-frontmen Deee and KI get candid in their lyrics, with vulnerability shining through each verse and accentuated in their earnest tonality and masterful cadence. The song evolved into something extra special with the addition of singer-songwriter/producer Troi Irons (he/him/they), who’s raspy, evocative voice perfectly delivers the desperate hook, “Last drink up in my hand, This time I’ll take it slow, Oh shit I’m fucked up.”

When asked what inspired them to write such an honest song and share themselves so openly, the band explained:

“‘Last Call’ is an exercise in vulnerability and using our music to help us better understand ourselves and our coping mechanisms. Too many times we’ve all found ourselves drowning at the bottom of a bottle, using alcohol to help us feel something different or feel nothing at all. Whether you’ve struggled in the past or are struggling right now, we hope this song helps you feel seen and plays a role in helping you not struggle in the future.”

Watch the video for Last Call below!


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