MUSIC NEWS: Halflives Announce New EP ‘Inferno’

Halflives have announced their new EP Inferno is set for release on 30th June 2023.

Inferno is my personal descent to hell, a collection of my demons wrapped up in 5 songs. Fire has been a big part of the Halflives imagery going all the way back to the debut album Empty Rooms, and it ultimately led me to have it as the main character of this era. Each song is as honest as it can be. This EP saw no constraints in terms of songwriting and lyric writing, it’s the most unfiltered version of me you have heard so far. Raw feelings and emotions that burnt me like a fire leaving me scarred forever,” explains Linda Battilani.

I celebrate Inferno as a personal growth both as an artist and for my mental health as I don’t care anymore about other people’s judgment about my art, I don’t care anymore about pre-constructed “strategies” of what I should or should not say or sound like. It’s my way of saying “fuck it all”. I was actually my worst enemy in terms of songwriting as I was creating boundaries and constructing walls when I was writing. Turns out there are no boundaries or limits to art, and if it’s what sounds natural to me, then it is it’s what I’m gonna do, as it’s burning inside me like fire. So yeah, here’s to raw and true emotions!

Check out Halflives’ latest single EVERYTHING SUCKS below!

Like what you hear? Inferno is available to pre-save/pre-order HERE.

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