MUSIC NEWS: Can’t Swim Share B -Side Single ‘must be nice (metaphorically speaking)’

Photo Credit: Paige Tate

New Jersey rock band, Can’t Swim, have release a B-side single from their new album.  The track must be nice (metaphorically speaking) was written and recorded within 48 hours and addresses what singer Chris LoPorto might have done, had he not had the band.

Loporto says about the new track:

“must be nice (metaphorically speaking), is a song we didn’t have finished in time to record for Thanks But No Thanks  But when we had some down time after our last US tour we got together to finish up some loose ends. Lyrically, it’s about a path my life would have taken if I didn’t find music. Drinking and doing drugs, working a dead end job in my hometown. Reflecting over the last few years being on tour and seeing where I would have ended up without this band is the summary of the track.”

Listen to must be nice (metaphorically speaking) below!

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