VIDEOS NEWS: Written By Wolves Release Cinematic Music Video For New Track ‘GIVE ‘EM HELL’

New Zealand’s genre-bending rockers Written By Wolves have released a cinematic music video for epic new track GIVE ‘EM HELL.

“‘GIVE ‘EM HELL’ imagines a dystopian future not too distant and dissimilar from today where the need to unify has become critical to survival. It warns of an inevitable and impending armageddon should we not learn how to put aside our differences and unite against those that conspire to keep us down,” says vocalist Michael Murphy.

“The official music video marks both the beginning of a new chapter and the end of an era for Written By Wolves. Guitarist Bahador Borhani has taken the director’s chair for the last time and pieced together his final, cinematic masterpiece for the band, stepping away to focus on his newly founded business enterprise. The video itself is our darkest and most ambitious yet with a cast and crew of over 30, including two horses, stunt people, and one of New Zealand’s top martial artists. It focuses on a human chess game of life, death, and consequence with every move and is the perfect visual accompaniment to ‘GIVE ‘EM HELL,’” he adds.

Watch the video for GIVE ‘EM HELL below!


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