MUSIC NEWS: Teri Gender Bender Releases New Single ‘Like No One Else’

Photo Credit: Violeta Felix

The inimitable and prolific artist that is Teri Gender Bender is back in 2023 with the announcement of two fresh EPs. The first collection CATSPEAK will be released 12th May. You can listen to its lead single Like No One Else now.

Teri says of the inspiration behind the glorious track:

“In the circus of life, where clowns and acrobats abound, there is one who stands out like a diamond in a sea of fools. Their presence is a surreal wonder, a carnival ride that defies description, and in their embrace, we are lifted to the heights of ecstasy, and plunged into the depths of madness.”

Watch the video for Like No One Else below!

CATSPEAK will be followed by the release of Teri’s OUTSIDERS EP on 7th July. Pre-order both the new EPs HERE.

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