VIDEO NEWS: Phem Releases Video For New Single ‘Slippery Slope’

phem has released a video for her new single slippery slope. 

The alt-pop artist explains the meaning behind the single: 

“one time i was working at this place, it was in a mini mall… in the valley… i won’t say what it was cuz it doesn’t fkn matter anymore… and i had just signed my first deal… but i still had no money…. and in walks the person that wasn’t the CEO of the label but like their right hand … big top dog…. someone u wanna look cool for, impress etc- and who i had just met maybe a week earlier…. —— “phem?? what are u doing here???” —- anyways i said hi and pretended i didn’t work there and ran into the back and snuck away , hid until they left …. then i got in my car and called my gf at the time sobbing with embarrassment… and anger….. i was really ffuxkn angry… why did i have to be so unlucky and so lucky at the same time & furthermore why was she so shocked… ya i was grinding hard to make shit happen the & had to wear multiple masks on the daily – so like why was the bitxh so shocked. if it’s so alarming to u lady, u should’ve given me a bigger bag.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase slippery slope HERE.

phem will be touring with Avril Lavigne throughout April and May – find out more and purchase tickets HERE

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