MUSIC NEWS: Dead Lakes Drop New Single

Photo credit: Chris Echols

With the release of their debut album, daydreamer, under a month away, Cali rockers, Dead Lakes, have dropped a fourth single. “’tongue planet’ sort of came out of nowhere at a time during the pandemic where I think everyone was wondering if we should even do this anymore,” shares drummer Chon on the new single. “There were things that everyone was either attached to or fed up with that needed to get put to rest with this song.”

Set for release 31st March, vocalist Sumy shares how, “From the jump, daydreamer puts you in the driver’s seat of the story. This record constantly blurs the line between reality and daydream both sonically and lyrically. We wanted to extend that energy to this record by giving you a mix of what you’d expect from us with a surreal fresh energy and perspective. The result ended up being a sonic journey of sound and emotion. This record runs parallel with the ride of life. The gut-wrenching moments, self-doubt, relationships, vices, and the feeling of euphoria.”

Pre-order daydreamer HERE, but, until then, stream Tongue Planet HERE.

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