MUSIC NEWS: Alpha Wolf Announce Lo-Fi Compilation EP & Release Reimagined Version Of ’60cm Of Steel’

Photo Credit: Third Eye Visuals 

Alpha Wolf have announced their new lo-fi compilation EP Shh, due for release on 31st March 2023 via Greyscale Records/SharpTone Records

The five-track EP will feature re-imagined versions of fan-favourite tracks 60cm of Steel, Spirit Breaker, Golden Fate Gut Ache, Don’t Ask and Bleed 4 You. 

“We think lo-fi as a genre is a great breakaway from our usual heavy tunes and it’s something we can show our family at Christmas without getting odd looks,” the band comments.

The band have shared the reimagined version of 60cm of Steel ahead of the EP. 

Shh is available to pre-order HERE

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