VIDEO NEWS: HOLY POPES Release Video For New Single ‘Jerry’

HOLY POPES have released a video for their new single Jerry, taken from their forthcoming debut self-titled album.

“Jerry is a person we may or may not know. Someone who was swayed by misinformation, who didn’t know the consequences or particularly think about them. Jerry meant well, but maybe without an idea of who for. Politics has been deeply polarised and the right have gained a foothold not seen across the world for many many years. So many people get caught up in the lies and misinformation coercively spread by propaganda; perfectly kind, decent folks are accidentally becoming bigots,” explains guitarist Dominic Knight.

“I like to hold the idea in my heart that we are all compassionate beings, and that it’s our duty to show empathy and kindness to those we may agree with the least. I once had a conversation with a guy in the pub about Brexit, and we disagreed in a big way, but he was a thoughtful, loving man who just didn’t understand the wider implications of his vote, and I didn’t want to hold anything against him. The language around migration, around control, around human rights, it all comes from a place of hatred and othering. We have the space, we have the land, we have the houses and we have the wealth…it is just distributed in the wrong way, by the wrong people.”

The video for Jerry was self-produced and can be seen below!

Their album HOLY POPES is set for release via independent label Man Demolish Records on 27th January.

The band will be playing a show in Bristol at The Golden Lion on the 27th January to celebrate the album’s release.

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