MUSIC NEWS: RØRY Releases Alternative Christmas Single ‘December Hurts’

RØRY has released her alternative Christmas single December Hurts. 

“For some people, Christmas is really painful. Maybe someone in their family has died, or they have a dysfunctional family, or financial struggles. It can feel so isolating to feel so much pain in the middle of everyone else’s apparent joy,” she explains. 

“My Mum died many years ago in December. That was my last Christmas. Since then all I feel is grief. I spent a few Christmases alone after my mum’s death, and they were the saddest days of my life. I’d drink myself to numb as early as possible, so I wouldn’t have to be awake throughout the day. 

“This song is for those of us that do not celebrate. And are instead processing pain from years gone by.”

December Hurts is available to stream or purchase HERE.

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