VIDEO NEWS: Kid Bookie Releases ‘Bookie’s Dirtbag’ Featuring Wheatus

Kid Bookie has collaborated with Wheatus on a brand new version of Teenage Dirtbag, titled Bookie’s Dirtbag. 

“This song means to me, what it probably does to everyone on the planet that has experienced being the piece of shit, teenage loser-esque, nobody,” Kid Bookie comments. “It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, if rock music has been a muse for you at any point of your life, then this record is a staple in rock culture and will be for generations to come, especially the one I came from.”

“I’ve always felt that my intentions for the song and its inception are not as important as the way people see themselves in it currently,” adds Wheatus lead vocalist/guitarist Brendan B. Brown. “Teenage Dirtbag lives on because people can make it real for their own lives, now. Bookie’s version does just that.  He’s reinventing the song with his own life, his purpose, his fears, his dreams. That’s how he’s created something new, because he found a space for himself in the narrative and that’s the only renewable resource the song represents: other people, new experiences, new lives.”

Check out the video below!

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Bookie’s Dirtbag HERE

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