VIDEO NEWS: Anti-Flag Release Video For New Single ‘IMPERIALISM’

Anti-Flag have released a video for their new single IMPERIALISM, taken from their forthcoming album Lies They Tell Our Children. The track features a guest appearance from Ashrita Kumar of Pinkshift.

“A quick glance at imperialism the world over makes it hard to argue with this assertion, especially when one takes into account the brutality that accompanies imperialism and the ravages it leaves in its wake. Not to mention the frequency with which powerful elites justify subjugating and stealing from other people to grow their power and wealth,” says Justin Sane.

“This song documents the false narrative often put forward by those who wish to validate their imperialist ambitions. Special attention is given to the fact that occupiers play by a set of rules that they create, ignoring or moving the goalposts in terms of international law and human rights, including torture and murder. Special effort was also made to point out that occupiers have no interest in the needs or opinions of the occupied.

“You can’t smash a city with bombs, kill and terrorise its population and burn it to the ground in order to save it. But those are the tactics and explanations of those with imperial ambitions. Actions speak louder than words, especially when there is a trail of bodies left in the wake of an occupier claiming that the violence they have perpetrated was carried out on the basis of high moral grounds.

“Musically, there was something important to us about making sure the future of empathetic and benevolent punk rock was involved. One of our favourite new bands Pinkshift are that future. Ashrita had the perfect voice and energy for this song and its intention and we’re grateful for her talent and friendship. The accompanying video created by INDECLINE stands as a document of the extremely violent, destructive and terror-filled nature of war and occupation, regardless of where it takes place.”

Want to know more about IMPERIALISM? Check out the lyrics and an essay about the track HERE 

Lies They Tell Our Children is due for release on 6th January 2023 via Spinefarm, available to pre-order HERE

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