Circa Waves are a staple of the UK indie-rock scene, coming up to eight years since their iconic debut Young Chasers. The band have gone from strength to strength ever since this LP, with sets in front of tens of thousands of people on main stages now the norm for the band. We caught up with vocalist Kieran Shudall and bassist Sam Rourke at Leeds Festival to discuss their summer of festivals, their new EP Hell on Earth and more.

What’s been the highlight of the summer?

Sam: Putting music out. It’s been a while since we’ve put music out, it’s been a few years, so to have people listening to our new music again is really cool.

You guys have also just finished up a UK tour, what was the best show you guys played?

Kieran: We played Community Festival and Benicássim a few months ago and that was amazing.

How was playing Benicássim, because that’s a festival that’s got a really good reputation?

K: Yeah, it was amazing, I’ve always wanted to play there.

S: Yeah, it was so beautiful and picturesque, with mountains in the background and it’s by the beach. It was great. We were playing, the sun was going down behind the mountains. It was such a cool atmosphere and everything you want in a festival set and more.

K: And there’s a pool backstage, you finish your set and go straight in the pool backstage.

Since we’re at Leeds Fest, we were wondering what your thoughts are on Leeds Fest’s place in the UK festival scene?

K: It’s the first festival we went to as punters.

S: Back in 2006?

K: Don’t tell them how old we are!

S: Yeah, so Joe [Falconer] went to Reading the same year while we were here.

Can you remember who headlined in 2006?

S: It was Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam and Metallica, or Muse?

K: The year I went to was Arctic Monkeys and then Muse on the Sunday, it was incredible.

Wow, can you imagine that now?

K: Yeah, back then, the line-ups were about as good as it gets.

We were looking at the famous Reading 2000 line-up, you had acts like Eminem, Blink-182, Slipknot, Placebo, Stereophonics all on one day. It’s crazy how much the line-up has changed when you fast-forward 22 years.

K: Yeah, if you’re only into indie it’s not as good as it used to be, but if you’re into the Top 40, and a bit of everything, then it’s perfect.

You guys have also just released an EP titled Hell on Earth, what the early reaction has been like?

K: Yeah, it’s been sick, been really good.

S: We were a bit worried about playing it yesterday because it’s so new. We didn’t think people would have had enough time with it, but we were blown away with the reception.

Do people already know the words?

K: Yeah, there’s only like four words in it aha. Everyone’s been saying the phrase “hell on earth” over and over anyway so they’re already primed for it.

You recently made a Hell on Earth cocktail video. Could you tell us what the thinking was behind that? It’s a pretty unique way to promote your EP. 

K: Ah mate it’s just some fucking guys in the office thinking what can we make the guys do, and that was one of the suggestions. The cocktail idea sounded good, we’ve made our own hot sauce too, so there’s more content coming out with these guys eating a load of hot chicken wings. You have to do all sorts these days to promote a record.

Well, it gets people talking…

K: Yeah, that’s it aha.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2022 for Circa Waves?

S: Back end of the year we’re going to be putting some more music out hopefully, but in terms of touring nothing is on the horizon yet. I think next year is when we’re going to get back out there.

Circa Waves‘ new EP Hell On Earth is out now, available to stream or purchase HERE

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