VIDEO NEWS: Titus Andronicus Release Video For New Single ‘Give Me Grief’

Photo Credit: Nicole Rifkin

Titus Andronicus have released a video for their new single Give Me Grief, taken from their upcoming album The Will To Live

Thematically, The Will to Live is an attempt on my part to reckon with the cruellest of life’s truths, which is that, the wider you open yr heart to the good things in yr life (love, hope, etc.), the more you expose yrself to life’s most harrowing pains,” explains singer-songwriter Patrick Stickles. “A full and rich life demands a vulnerability that will inevitably be rewarded with intense suffering. I have had to think about this a lot over the past couple years, as my father lay in a 50-day medically induced coma with no promise of his eventual awakening, or as my cousin was laid far too soon in his grave, or as I shivered one dreadful Christmas eve outside the animal hospital, hoping that a last-minute blood transfusion might save my anaemic cat. These moments of agony could have been avoided had I simply closed myself off from the joys offered to me by those I love, but that is no way to live, and I force myself to move forward beckoning love in all its forms, however frightening a prospect. Grief is necessary, for without the threat of grief, there can be no love, and life without love is no life at all.”

The Will To Live is due for release on 30th September 2022 via Merge Records, available to pre-order HERE

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