MUSIC NEWS: BigKarma Release New Single ‘Mr. Clean’

Alt-rock outfit BigKarma have released their New single Mr. Clean.

‘Mr. Clean is a song about deceit. Sometimes the people you least expect are the ones taking the most from you, and doing it with a smile. They will tell you what you want to hear, gaslight you and isolate you and move on when you’ve nothing left to give,” explains front man Thomas Reynolds.

The band worked with producer Neil Kennedy (The Ranch and Ranch Records label manager) on the track, who says, “BigKarma are a special band bringing together so many, often disparate, elements. They have a vision but encourage experimentation and creativity, channel their influences but look for inspiration from unique and unusual places, and pride themselves on individuality, both sonically and lyrically, where many others aim for conformity.”

Check out the track below!

Mr. Clean is out now via Ranch Records, available to stream/download HERE.

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