VIDEO NEWS: PhaseOne And Polaris Share ‘Icarus’ Visualiser

Aussie producer PhaseOne has teamed up with metalcore outfit Polaris to release their new collaboration Icarus.

“Icarus started off as me just writing a straight metal track for fun, but once it started taking shape, I couldn’t help but add electronic elements,” explains PhaseOne. “I think the result is awesome as it flows so seamlessly between genres. We got in touch with Polaris, who loved the track and really saw the vision and were excited to work on it with me. They truly smashed the vocal – it was exactly what I had imagined in my head – plus, this is the first collab song Polaris have ever done, so I’m really stoked to be a part of that.”

On the collaboration, Polaris drummer Daniel Furnari says: “Collaborating with other artists is still fairly foreign territory to us, but when PhaseOne hit us up and invited us to work on a track together we were instantly excited to explore what we could do together. He’s worked with a lot of artists we love, but most importantly he has an incredible knack for combining elements from a whole variety of electronic styles with really killer metal parts, in a way that straddles the line not only between genres, but also between digital and traditional approaches to production. The whole thing is already such a hybrid in its own way, and that makes his music really fun to put ourselves into.”. 

He continues, “PhaseOne gave us a great foundation to write over, a track with frantic riffs and a pumping chorus that give way to techno beats. Hearing Jamie (Hails, Polaris vocals) and Jake (Steinhauser, Polaris bass/vocals) put their voices over something different was inspiring, and the track came together quickly once we got the momentum going. Lyrically, we found ourselves reflecting on humanity’s seemingly endless ambition and self-interest, and failure to recognise or learn from the destructive ramifications of that tendency.”

A visualiser for the track has been released, check it out below!

Icarus is out now via UNFD, available to stream/download HERE.

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