VIDEO NEWS: The Seafloor Cinema Release Video For New Single ‘Crash Nebula…On Ice!’

Photo Credit: Eric Molyneaux

The Seafloor Cinema have released a video for their new single Crash Nebula…On Ice!,

Instrumentally, ‘Crash Nebula’ is what we thought karate would sound like if it was a song. However, the lyrics can be taken in many ways. To some, the song may be about being disillusioned with the fact that they might be the reason why everything around them, that was once beautiful, has been drained to maintain an increased dependency on the idea of social status and self-indulgences. For others, the song might reflect that moving forward hurts, especially when it’s one step at a time, on a road made of roses,” comments vocalist/bassist Justin Murry.

Murry adds regarding the Wild West inspired video: “Making music videos has always been a good sense of expression and humour. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and we want to make a fun listening and watching experience for the viewer (and it’s also fun for us to test how much stupid stuff our video guy will actually let us get away with). The idea for the video came about when a friend and mentor of the band, Salvador Fernandez, said ‘country music is just farm emo.’ With that idea planted in our head, we knew we had to make a “farm emo” music video and the rest is history!”

Check it out below!

Like what you hear? Crash Nebula…On Ice! features on the band’s recent album In Cinemascope With Stereophonic Sound which is out now via Pure Noise Records, available to stream or purchase HERE.

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