MUSIC NEWS: Telltale Release New EP ‘Lie Your Way Out’ & Share ‘Pessimist’ Video

Telltale have released their new EP Lie Your Way Out, alongside sharing a video for Pessimist.

The idea behind Lie Your Way Out is being transparent about our lives and emotions during such a chaotic period. We’re alive during a global pandemic, witnessing the world quite literally burn and experiencing rapid political & social changes in our home country all at the same time. It’s quite a lot to process and function through. The four of us have spent the better half of two years combining our reactions and emotions to these events and building them into five uniquely inspired tracks. Lie Your Way Out touches on some heavy topics that we want to make clear where we stand. We fully understand that sometimes life just sucks and no matter how hard you want to see the glass as half-full, it still looks closer to empty,” comment the band.

Like what you hear? Lie Your Way Out is out now via Rude Records, available HERE.

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