MUSIC NEWS: Helen Love Release New Single ‘Let The Sunshine In’

Photo Credit: Alison Wonderland

Helen Love have released their new single Let The Sunshine In, taken from recent album This Is My World.

“The album that I started recording on a misty wet February day earlier this year is not the record I was expecting to make when I finished it on a cherry blossom weekend in early April. The songs seemed to just fall out of the sky. The fuzz pedal stayed in its box, the amps were turned down, the synths made way for trumpets and a string section came out of the cupboard…whatever this record is, it’s honest,” comments Love on the new album.

Like what you hear? Let The Sunshine In is out now via Alcopop! Records. Fans who have purchased Love’s album This Is My World are being sent a QR code window sticker designed by Rhi Lee, check out the album and get yours HERE.

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