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ALBUM REVIEW: InVisions – Deadlock

Photo Credit: Ben Bentley

After spending two years locked in soul searching, York metalcore heavyweights InVisions are back with their powerful third outing Deadlock.

Since their 2016 debut Never Nothing, InVisions have proven time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with. Having not suffered the dreaded sophomore slump with Between You And Me, their hard work and unwavering motivation has held them high amongst the metalcore waves.

Deadlock is the prime example of using lockdown wisely, having used the time to process, reflect and nurture all that surrounds them. Between the hard-hitting lyricism and the pounding vocals of Ben Ville, it’s hard to ignore an album that allows such a deep interaction with its listener.

The 6 6 9 sets the pace as it allows us a mere snippet in to the dark depths of the album, with Fall With Me rounding it off as the album draws to a close, while Inertia offers a break with what feels like the winding down of an anxious mind.

Deadlock doesn’t shy away from the complexities of addiction and the struggles faced when dealing with it, in fact it hits it head on and makes you question your own demons. Song such as DVPE and Dealer tackle the battle, whilst also offering different perspectives.

This album is relentless in its pursuit of perfection, as it takes a blistering attack on the anguish felt in the last two years and beyond. It’s a journey through our minds as we come to terms with the unfathomable. It feels anthemic to the current crisis, a delve into the darkness felt by many. It holds a power over us we progress through the 11 tracks. 

As a collective InVisions are polished, and it is clear with Deadlock that there is a chemistry between them all. The musicianship of Lucas Gabb (guitar), Alex Scott (guitar) and Josh Hardy (drums) is a blend of soothing yet heavy sounds that don’t act as a backing to Ville’s vocals, but provide an ensemble of melancholy that allows this album to be so relatable.

Unlike others of their ilk, InVisions leave room for more. Whilst overall they provide a solid effort in unleashing a massive album, there is still a chance for them to develop and allow themselves a career that will go beyond a three album span. We haven’t heard the last of this band and that in itself is exciting.

InVisions are heading for domination if their work continues on this trajectory and their creative vision relishes it’s power. With album release shows set for April, the fandom is only going to get stronger.


Standout Tracks: Hindsight, Annihilist, Deadlock 

For Fans Of: Architects, Currents, Sleepwalker CURRENTS, SLEEPWALKER

Written by: Georgie Robbins

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