MUSIC NEWS: Slowly Slowly Release New Single ‘Nothing On’

Photo Credit: Kyle Caulfield

Slowly Slowly have released their new single Nothing On, out now via UNFD.

“With this song I really tried to push the margin out on what is considered to be the Slowly Slowly wheelhouse. After I had finished writing the music I knew I needed something that was furiously addictive, but I didn’t want to lose the depth of songwriting the band has grown to be associated with. I rested on something that had a few layers — at a glance it’s frivolous, topical even, but I wanted to create the option to dive a little deeper for those wanting to listen more closely,” explains frontman Ben Stewart

“This song is about the world stopping and getting the chance to repair things that had gone unsaid or been swept up in the everyday, for some time. I was locked up in a house and for the first time was forced to look at what I had become — how I’d lost the fun side of myself. It’s a nod to the bittersweet nature of the last two years, it’s been so difficult and yet such a period of growth. Most of the music I’ve written in this period has an upbeat feel to it in a desperate attempt to remember that feeling. I don’t think I could have handled writing a bleak sounding record and so this song, like many to come, detail very complicated, painful situations housed in fun exteriors. Even if you choose to just scratch the surface, Nothing On is highly addictive — we have been listening to it for months now and we’re still not sick of it.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Nothing On HERE

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