VIDEO NEWS: Banks Arcade Share Lyric Video For New Single ‘Smile’

Photo Credit: Neal Walters

Banks Arcade have released a lyric video for their new single Smile

“The future feels uncertain for a lot of people at the moment. We feel lost and unsure of where we’re headed, and it can lead to a lot of masochism and unhealthy escapism. ‘Smile’ comments on this pleasure seeking mentality and a culture that is obsessed with self gratification,” explains vocalist Joshua O’Donnell.

“Most of us recognise we are living in a broken, unsustainable state, but we refuse to acknowledge it. We’ve all become the devil on each other’s shoulders and the cycle of negative affirmations and encouragement is leading us to a dark place. Everyone is in pain but we’re so concerned about saving face….hear the lyric ‘Keep that smile cause it won’t get better’.” 

The video was produced by Jack Fontes, check it out below!

Smile is out now via UNFD, available HERE.

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