MUSIC NEWS: Pridelands Release New Single ‘Antipathy’

Australian metalcore quintet Pridelands have released their new single Antipathy, taken from their upcoming debut album Light Bends

“Antipathy is a song that we wrote to channel and cleanse some of the more negative emotions that we had during the time,” explains vocalist Josh Cory. “It’s certainly the most quote/unquote “angry” song of the album, but it is not that simple. The name itself means that you severely dislike something, or have a strong aversion to it, so the lyrics and instruments try to address this as a double entendre. We feel this deep-seeded anger towards a subject, and also to ourselves for letting it drag us down. It’s a song about the vicious cycle of anger, and how we may try to break that, praying that we and the subject both make it out.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Antipathy HERE

Light Bends is due for release on 14th January 2022 via SharpTone Records, available to pre-order HERE

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