MUSIC NEWS: Kurokuma Announce Debut Album & Release Lead Single ‘Jaguar’

Photo Credit: Celestial Light

Psychedelic sludge-metal band Kurokuma have announced their debut album Born of Obsidian is set for release on 4th February 2022. Alongside the announcement they have also shared lead single Jaguar.

Born of Obsidian was produced by Sanford Parker (YOB, Eyehategod, Indian) at Narcissus Studio and the band says of the album: “After years of silent gestation, our first full length will finally emerge into the blinding light of corporeal existence. The five songs that make up this album stand both unified and distinct, creating an edifice that transcends the moment and speaks to the raw nature of the universe. So turn your back on the madness; seek this column of unseen truth and elevate yourself from the primordial chaos in which you dwell.”

The album’s lead single, Jaguar has been shared and the band explain: “This one was written as more of an incantation than a standard song. The jaguar was the most powerful creature for the Olmecs. There were Olmec shamans who, it was believed, could transform into a jaguar, and this piece is meant to provide the soundtrack for such a ceremony.”

Check out the single below!

 Jaguar is out now and available HERE. Whilst Born of Obsidian is set for release digitally, on CD and on tape on 4th February 2022, available to pre-order now.

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