VIDEO NEWS: SpiritWorld Release Video For New Single ‘The Bringer Of Light’

Photo Credit: Sean Jorg

Self-described Death Western band SpiritWorld have released a video for their new single The Bringer Of Light, taken from their upcoming debut album Pagan Rhythms

“The film for The Bringer of Light has been a long time in the making,” explains Stu Folsom. “The director, Todd Hailstone, and I met in high school. He roadied on my first band’s first tour and we lived together at the infamous Hammer Lane junkyard squat when we were young, dirt poor and wild as fuck. It was incredible to reconnect artistically after all these years and hand the reins over to someone that I have spent hours punishing with my plans for the fiction and film sides of the SpiritWorld project.

“I asked Todd to come up with a treatment that would introduce the world to the characters of [my book] Godlessness and Pagan Rhythms, on a budget that should barely cover another tired ‘band in warehouse headbanging’ video, and he was able to completely nail the John Ford meets 70’s horror vibe anyway!!!! I am so thankful to all of the talented actors and crew that helped create this video, it turned out super cool and I can’t wait for people to check it out!”

Pagan Rhythms is due for release on 5th November 2021 via Century Media Records, available to pre-order in various formats HERE

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