MUSIC NEWS: Blackout Problems x Emmerich Release New Single ‘AMILYA’

Blackout Problems have released their brand new single AMILYA, out now via Sony Music. The track was first written by Emmerich, the counterpart project of guitarist Moritz Hammrich, and has now been given the full Blackout Problems treatment.

“The song was written for my solo EP Emmerich: Ufo Emo which comes out via Munich Warehouse on October 8th, but during lockdown when I recorded this song with my bandmates in Blackout Problems I realised that it would fit perfectly for us. I don’t know if the lyrics are written for a person I know personally or if they describe the status quo we as band were in. This ambiguity made us decide to release the song as Blackout Problems & Emmerich,” Hammrich explains. 
“There are highs and lows, we fight, we’re frustrated and everything you’ll find in every relationship is there. We respect and love each other. We want to pull on the same string, try everything we can with this band and try to overcome dark times together. The lyric, ‘All I am is about you’, felt like unconditional commitment to a thing or person when I wrote it. All we achieved these past years would not have been possible without the support of each other. Our lives are intertwined through writing and touring together so sometimes you just want to take each others hand and run away.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase AMILYA HERE

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