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HAWXX are sending out a powerful message with their brand new single Death of Silence. A song of solidarity and empowerment, Death of Silence was originally inspired by the Me Too movement and is a hard-hitting introduction to the band’s upcoming EP You’re Only As Loud As You Shout Right Now – due for release in early 2022. We caught up with HAWXX to find out more, including the themes, accompanying music video and stories from behind the scenes. 

Give us a quick elevator pitch on this track, why does it stand out for you?

Death of Silence means the death of shame. This theme is really important to us as a band and we feel it’s important to use our collective HAWXX “voice” as a response to the times, both politically and personally. This song was originally inspired by the Me Too movement and is a message of solidarity with anybody that speaks out in the face of oppression, or anybody silenced by oppression.  

How did you tackle the writing process for the song? Was there anything unique about the track that was different from your usual process?

Death of Silence was one of the first ever HAWXX songs that ended up never getting used. It was a shame because the concept really represented us as a band, but the song was so far from what our sound had evolved into. Hannah brought in that “dun dun dun” drum part with that choppy guitar, with the idea of wanting to create something tense but powerful – and it just made sonic sense for the subject of the song. Those drums just scream “I am here.” I knew this song had to become Death of Silence

Can you tell us how the songs theme came about?

In terms of subject, shame was something I’d been thinking about for a while, especially as a result of trauma. The sense of injustice at feeling silenced and changed by someone else’s darkness. We needed a song to convey that sound of death and rebirth – “A new reality is here, listen and you will hear the death of silence roaring in your ears.” 

Tell us about the video, do the themes of the single transfer to the video?

Absolutely. What we wanted the video to capture was our unity and connection as a band. When we told our director Noomi that we wanted to portray us overcoming obstacles and finding each other in unity and solidarity, she came back to us with the idea of escaping an alien nest covered in slime together. 

Do you have any behind the scenes stories for our readers?

Let me tell you, navigating your way across a concrete floor covered in slime is NOT easy. We were all given custom fitted…I want to say loin cloths? So imagine bare limbs flying everywhere. Hannah was put in a paddling pool and then essentially water boarded with slime. I had to hang in my slime nest and wait for her to rescue me. Jess had to go rescue Iman and then we all crawled across the slimy floor to give each other a slimy group hug. Did I mention slime? 

Anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

A group of hawks is called a kettle and that’s what we call our beloved fans! Welcome to our kettle :) Follow us @hawxxmusic on all platforms to join us on our adventure. And stay tuned for our next single coming soon! 

Death of Silence is out now, available to stream or purchase HERE

See HAWXX live at one of the following dates:

November 2021

Thu 18th – LONDON – Amersham Arms (New Cross)
Thu 25th – NORWICH – The Brickmakers 

December 2021

Thu 9th – BLACKPOOL – Waterloo Music Bar*
Fri 10th – NOTTINGHAM – Rough Trade*
Sat 11th – BRADFORD – Nighttrain*

*supporting Marisa and the Moths 

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