VIDEO NEWS: Teddy Swims Releases Live Performance Video For New Single ‘Simple Things’

Photo Credit: TheWorkOfJAR

Singer/songwriter Teddy Swims has released a live performance video of his new single Simple Things, out now via Atlantic Records

“Growing up, both sides of my family were all in the same town for generations and were always so close-knit,” he explains. “As lucky as I was to have that, I found myself sometimes resenting that as a kid, because everyone seemed so complacent and just okay with a simple life. The older I get, the more people in my life I lose, and the more I travel, the more I start to appreciate the simple things in life. This dream I’m chasing has made me realise real fulfilment comes from being truly present and happy within yourself. Making plans and striving for greatness is good for you but don’t be so focused on the future you forget to be present. It’s true what they say, sometimes, you’ve gotta stop and smell the roses.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Simple Things HERE.

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