MUSIC NEWS: Mountain Caller Release New Single ‘Something Stirred From Beneath The Rubble’

Photo Credit: Tom Le Bon

Mountain Caller have released their new single Something Stirred From Beneath The Rubble, taken from their upcoming EP Chronicle: Prologue. The new EP is the follow-up and conceptual prequel to their debut album Chronicle I: The Truthseeker.

“Something Stirred From Beneath The Rubble represents the beginning of everything Mountain Caller,” explains guitarist Claire Simson. “Not only was it the first track written by the instrumental progressive post-metal power trio, it represents the beginning of the Chronicle saga in which we find The Protagonist slowly regaining consciousness under a giant pile of rubble. She struggles to free herself of the jagged rock and twisted metal and as the thick black smoke begins to clear she realises she is in the middle of a levelled and deserted city. Beaten and bloodied she surveys the devastation. Then from the quiet darkness, an intruding lone thought… Who am I?”

Like what you hear? You can purchase Something Stirred From Beneath The Rubble HERE

Chronicle: Prologue is due for release on 9th July 2021 via New Heavy Sounds, available to pre-order HERE.

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