MUSIC NEWS: Silverstein Announce ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’ Vinyl Reissue

Photo Credit: Juan Angel

Silverstein have announced a vinyl reissue of their debut album When Broken Is Easily Fixed which was originally released in 2003 via Victory Records. The reissue will be available on 9th July 2021 via Craft Recordings.

Bassist Billy Hamilton says: “When Craft Recordings took over the Victory Records back catalogue, they reached out to discuss reissuing our first four albums. We figured the best place to start was at the beginning, with 2003’s When Broken Is Easily Fixed. Back when we signed with Victory, we insisted that we wanted all of our albums pressed on vinyl. I was just getting into collecting vinyl around this time and was excited to get my hands on our first LP pressed to wax. We released just over 500 copies pressed on marble grey and translucent blue-coloured vinyl with hand-silkscreened covers. At that point, we barely thought we would ever sell 500 copies of the album, let alone the roughly 250,000 that it eventually did.” 

He continues: “The vinyl album remained out of print for over a decade, and that original pressing remains one of the most sought-after items by our most die-hard fans and collectors. While the record was eventually repressed in 2014, we wanted to raise the bar with this reissue. We went with a modern remaster and cut new lacquers, choosing to press on 180-gram vinyl with an elevated, vintage tip-on style jacket. Being a massive collector of vinyl now, I not only love having a record that sounds good, but also one that feels and looks aesthetically pleasing. I can’t wait to get my hands and ears on a copy of this reissue!

The remastered album is pressed on 180-gram, canary yellow vinyl and housed in a tip-on jacket, a limited-edition yellow marble vinyl is available via Silverstein’s webstore. Head here to pre-order your copy now ahead of its release in July.

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