MUSIC NEWS: Munkey Junkey Announces Debut Album & Releases Stop Motion Animated Video For New Single ‘Kill My Ego’

UK-based producer and lofi hip-hop newcomer Munkey Junkey (AKA Kurran Karbal) has announced his debut album Bitter Chitta, due for release on 18th June 2021. 

In light of the announcement, Munkey Junkey has released a stop motion animated video for his new single Kill My Ego. The single is an intensely personal track that centres around the suicide of Karbal’s cousin Yogin, and the family trip to India for the funeral.

“He’s the reason I got into music, and his death and funeral were defining moments in my life,” he says. “The Hindu Funeral in Haridwar, India was super intense. Two weeks of wailers and yogis. On the last day, in the centre of the village, at the final cremation ceremony, I had an out of body experience. I was looking at my Dad from across the fire pit, he was sobbing so much and looked exhausted from two weeks of non-stop crying.

“Once I was back in my body I felt so strongly that ego was the cause of all of this suffering. All of us, we’re in a way, inviting all this grief. We’re so wrapped up in our identities, our places in society, our expectations of the future and regrets of the past. All of these things are forms of exclusivity. Killing your ego is about tuning out all that noise!”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Kill My Ego HERE

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