MUSIC NEWS: Like Moths To Flames Release Two New Singles ‘Basilisk’ & ‘Inherit The Tragedy’

Like Moths To Flames have released two new singles, Basilisk and Inherit The Tragedy. The tracks serve as a continuation of the quartet’s 2020 record No Eternity In Gold

“Both Basilisk and Inherit The Tragedy are songs that I was super torn on cutting from the record,” explains frontman Chris Roetter. “Basilisk covers the experience of being so rooted in your own problems that you’re detached from what’s happening around you. I think we all tend to get stuck in letting our struggles become our identity. Inherit the Tragedy follows the more classic themes that the band has offered out in the past. We’ve never been a stranger to writing songs focused on cutting the chord from someone who becomes dead weight.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Basilisk and Inherit The Tragedy HERE

No Eternity In Gold is out now via UNFD, available to stream or purchase HERE

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