VIDEO NEWS: Fences Releases Lyric Video For ‘Paper Route’

Photo Credit: Christian Sorenson Hansen 

Fences, the alter ego of musician/songwriter Christopher Mansfield, has released a lyric video for Paper Route. The track features on the deluxe edition of his third album Failure Sculptures, which is due for release later this week. 

Paper Route is essentially putting prose to a memory,”  Everything in the song happened as it was sung. Behind the flowers and idioms of course. I’ve written hundreds of songs but I actually do like this one quite a bit. As far as the album as a whole and my feelings on that now…I won’t lie there is a degree or embarrassment just for the sheer fact that all the songs are prose to memory. You’re never supposed to read someone’s diary right? That is unless they sell it.

Failure Sculptures (Deluxe Edition) is due for release on 12th March 2021 via ENCI, available to pre-order HERE

Fences will be releasing a new EP this spring, stay tuned for more details. 

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