VIDEO NEWS: NOFX Release ‘Fuck Euphemism’ Music Video

Photo Credit: Jonathan Weiner

NOFX have released their new single Fuck Euphemism, taken from their forthcoming full-length Single Album which is set for release on 26th February 2021 via Fat Wreck Chords.

Speaking about the track to SPIN, Fat Mike comments: “I think it’s a very important song for the conversation with the trans community and the LBGT community. I consider myself queer and a part of it, so I can sing a song like this. I live a BDSM lifestyle and I’m a crossdresser, so it did bother me when people were calling me a cis male. I like the whole thing of defining yourself using your own terms, because I’m a punk rocker first, and then a submissive crossdressing male. The transgender community and the gay community are taking a stance on how we want to be known, and I’m going to be known as a certain way.

He continues: “But I think the most important thing in this song is that it doesn’t need to be that way, because really you’re just a person. In part of the song, I say “Call me ‘per’ for the night,” where “per” is short for person. It’s a term that Doris Lessing came up within a book called The Good Terrorist, which I read in college in the ‘80s. Doris Lessing is a feminist writer, and she had it where, in the future, society called everyone “per” for person. It just makes sense to me. We had to make a lyric video for this song because these might be my favourite lyrics I’ve ever written. Oh what fun it is to write a song that’s completely PC, but sure as hell sounds like it isn’t.”

Check out the video for Fuck Euphemism below.

Like what you hear? You can stream Fuck Euphemism HERE. Single Album is available to pre-order from HERE.

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