MUSIC NEWS: Stepson Announce Album Details & Release Video For New Single ‘Deeper Sleep’

Australian punk/hardcore outfit Stepson have announced their new album Help Me, Help You, due for release on 26th March 2021 via SharpTone Records

In light of the announcement, the band have released a video for their new single Deeper Sleep. 

“Deeper Sleep is about the insecurities and subconscious frailties that surface while we are dreaming,” the band explains. “Everyone at some point has had a dream or nightmare that feels all too real. The lyrics of Deeper Sleep represent that, but more specifically, the way we get treated if we have done something to someone we love in a larger-than-life dream and they have projected it back onto us.”

“Deeper Sleep is also about the inner turmoil experienced every day from past trauma, which can affect present and future relationships to the point where even dreams feel real,” adds vocalist Brock Alan Conry. Insecurity is contagious and unfortunately can be transferred from person to person. This song is a helpless plea to help someone they love and care about from their own mind.”

Help Me, Help You is available to pre-order HERE

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